Serving the Oil & Gas Industry

About Our Company

ESR Environmental Consulting, LLC was founded as a consulting company dedicated to assist the oil and gas industry with environmental compliance.
ESR’s mission is to provide its clients with cost competitive, comprehensive environmental services while maintaining a safe working environment for its employees, clients and subcontractors.

Safety is a top priority at ESR. We strive to maintain a safe work environment for all personnel. We are also members of ISNetworld and PEC Safety.
ESR Has experience working in several states including Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming and Alabama

Steve Roland

- Co-owner of ESR Environmental
Steve has worked in the oil & gas business since 1980. He spent 15 years with Halliburton after graduating from Texas A&M University in 1979. After leaving Halliburton, Steve joined a Houston based environmental engineering firm and gained 12 years of experience working on a variety of environmental projects with oil & gas clientele in several states. Steve's duties included evaluation, preparation, coordination and supervision of various environmental projects involving oil and gas production and gas processing operations. Steve’s credentials include: Registered Environmental Property Assessor (REPA), licensed monitor well driller in Texas and Louisiana and certified NORM surveyor. A few of Steve's past projects include:

  • Several hundred minor source air permits in Texas, Louisiana, Wyoming, New Mexico and Oklahoma
  • Phase I environmental site assessments in Texas, Louisiana, Illinois, Indiana, Florida, Utah and California
  • NORM surveys in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and North Carolina
  • SPCC plans in Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, New Mexico and Oklahoma
  • Pit evaluation and closure in Texas
  • Monitor well installations in Texas, Louisiana and Alabama
  • Risk Management Plans for several sites with pressurized NGL tanks
  • Soil and water sampling in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Kansas
  • Tier II reporting in Texas, Louisana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and New Mexico
  • Steven Roland

    - Project Manager
    Steven joined ESR in May of 2010. Steven graduated from Texas A&M with a BS in Bioenvironmental Science. Steven has gained experience in oil & gas environmental activities with prior part time work with ESR. His work experience as a student included working in two research labratories. The first was a NASA funded research project which involved designing a system for sustainable agriculture in low atmosphere/low oxygen conditions. The second was a TAES (Texas Agriculture Extention Service) funded lab that was focused on plant disease diagnostics as well as designing experimental testing procedures for such diseases, These work experiences provided him knowledge in laboratory procedures and sample analysis.

    Jennifer Roland

    - Co-owner of ESR Environmental
    Jennifer provides administrative, financial and accounting services for the company.

    Erin Wexler-Adams

    - Project Manager
    Erin joined ESR in June of 2013. Erin graduated from Texas A&M with a Bachelor of Science