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Environmental Site Assessments

Environmental Site Assessments (ESA's) are critical in evaluating potential acquisition properties or determining the condition of existing properties. Site assessments are broken into three phases and are sometimes required by lenders before an acquisition.

  • Phase 1 ESA: Visual inspection of the property and equipment. Investigation into any past, current, or potential future environmental issues and liabilities. Governmental and regulatory records reviews. NORM, asbestos, and mercury surveys. Investigation into any past due or current fines from government and regulatory agencies.
  • Phase 2 ESA: Further investigation into issues found during the Phase 1 ESA. This might include soil and water sampling, asbestos sampling or mercury sampling
  • Phase 3 ESA: If contamination is confirmed during the Phase 2 ESA, a Phase 3 ESA can be performed. This can include a remediation strategy, monitoring of remediation projects, and obtaining approval from government and regulatory agencies for cleanup.

ESR Environmental is skilled and experienced in all aspects of Environmental Site Assessments.